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Asip and Jenny (+10)


by Angela Schneider

Mobile youth production GRETA des  Grenzlandtheater Aachen

Production: Mark Hartmann

Stage and costume: Margarita Bock

Theater education: Anja Geurtz

Asip: Manuel Bashipour

Jenny: Lea Fleck

At a bridge railing, the paths of two young people cross by chance and in a dramatic way, whose worlds could not be more different at first glance. Jenny (Jenufa) is fed up with her life. She comes from a sheltered background, but: her father has left the family, the stepfather has moved out, the mother sunk into her career as a singer, and her best friend has taken her boyfriend away from her. She feels alone and abandoned and misses warmth and security - maybe she wants to throw herself off the bridge?


At that moment, Asip, a refugee boy from Afghanistan, comes by while jogging and unceremoniously saves her life. Jenny - hateful and angry with the world around her - rubs against Asip with his positive outlook on life, his optimism and his interest in her as a person. From the initial aversion and reluctance, gradually an emotionally charged dialogue and a kind of friendship develop. Asip begins sensitively to open Jenny's eyes to the circumstances and feelings of those around her. So she slowly regains the courage to take responsibility for her own life. From then on, both of them meet at the bridge every evening and get to understand and get to know each other.


Foto: Grenzlandtheater Aachen


Photo: Margarita Bock


Foto: Grenzlandtheater Aachen

Foto: Grenzlandtheater Aachen

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